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The Stackable Barrier

Date: 13th March 2018, Author: Richard, Category: General.


Due to the design of the retractable barrier, it is inherently difficult to stack them. The base gets damages, the posts fall over and your left with a giant Jenga puzzle of retractable barriers. The stackable barrier removes that problem. Just keep linking the barrier bases together and you'll see that the storage space used will be just a fraction of the space used before. This is perfect if you only have a small room or storage facility to keep the barriers in when they are not in use. . The stackable barrier has clean edges and will suit any environment.


Stackable Barriers

Stored stackable barriers in comparison to standard barriers. In the above image you can see that four stackable barrier use the same storage space as two standard barriers.



The stackable barrier has all the advantages of the Brandline retractable barrier system. A low profile base, an anti tamper cartridge end, a slow retract system or braking system to ensure that belt does not retract into the post too quickly. The barriers are manufactured in stainless steel to ensure that they will look as good in years to come as they they will on the day you receive them.

Flat Solid Bases

The Stackable base is a solid flame cut base which has been designed specifically to slide over the tube of another stackable barrier. Heavy duty neoprene spacers ensure that the base lying directly beneath the stacked barrier will not be scratched or damaged.


The Stackable queue barrier is still supplied with all the advantages of the Brandline Products range: Braking system, anti tamper ends, low profile base etc.. but at the extra low cost of £49.00 per unit. You should be aware that the stackable barrier is installed with 2.00 metres of tape. To buy this barrier, go here: Stackable Barriers


Post Colours

For a small additional fee you can have the barriers finished in your choice of colour. simply supply the RAL colour to us, and we will do the rest. We do offer unique standard metallic colours too. Copper, Gold and Silver vein powder coating is very a popular selection within our range.


RAL Colours available


Tape Colours

Again for a small additional fee, we can change the barrier tape colour to that f a colour from our standard range. You can even choose to have a custom printed belt. The custom printed belts are dye sublimated ensuring that the print will last as long as the barrier will. Digital dye sublimation means that virtually any design can be transferred to the barrier. Whether you wish to use your branding throughout the queue system, or whether you wish to inform your clients of important messages, either can be achieved with the process we adopt.


Belt colours Available


Buy our stackable barrier here.