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ValuPost Twin

ValuPost Twin

Technical Details

The ValuPost Twin Barrier offers a low cost, high quality dual line barrier used for extra control. Supplied in the standard 3.4 metre length.


Height: 980mm
Weight: 11kg
Post Diameter: 64mm
Base Diameter: 355mm
Belt Width: 50mm
Belt Length: 3.4m


This retractable barrier can be customised to any RAL specification or tape colour.


To Purchase these retractable barrier stands go to the "Purchasing Options" section below.




Key ValuPost Twin Features

The ValuPost Twin range has some quality features that make them perfect for many applications; we have covered some of the Key advantages below.

  • Four Way Post - Each post can receive three other tape ends. This allows it to connect in up to four directions. Excellent for immediate changes in queue set-ups.
  • Anti-Tamper - The ends of the belts can be locked which prevents accidental release.
  • Floor Protectors - The underside of this stretch barrier post has a neoprene floor protectors that prevents damage to the floor.
  • Universal Connectors - These allow our belts to be connected to belt barriers from many other major brands.
  • Built-In Belt Braking System - The retraction system has a built-in braking system that prevents the belt from retracting too quickly.

Product Features

Base Full circumference neoprene protector ensures the flooring remains unmarked.
Braking System An integrated braking system ensuring the tape retracts slowly with a controlled retraction speed.
Low Profile A low profile base allowing wheel chair users unhindered access.
Tape Ends Universal tape end for compatibility to all major brands on the market.
Universal Anti-tamper tape end to prevent accidental release.

Post Options


Belt Options (Other Colours Available)


Purchasing Options

The ValuPost twin is a 64mm diameter popular retractable which is supplied with a full circumference floor protector as standard. The ValuPost twin has two belts rather than the stanard single belt. Great if you're looking for cheap retractable belts with a dual function.


Custom Messages & Logos

Highly Visible Advertising Space

A typical queue system of 10 barriers has 1.6sq metres of belt area. This is prime advertising space as it is highly visible and in the most heavily trafficked area of any facility. Printing the belt is a very effective way to promote branding or to convey safety messages.
Digital (Dye Sublimation) Printing: 

Used for complex or multi coloured designs. The dye sublimation process infuses the ink into the fibres of the belt so the print will never wear off. Being a digital process almost anything can be printed including photographs and scannable QR bar-codes.


Dye Sublimated Webbing