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Panic Break

Rope Barrier Wall Clips

Technical Details

A simple accessory that will provide an immediate break in your barrier rope system. Connect the magnetic panic break between the barrier rope to allow the barrier system to be "broken open" in case of an emergency. This is usually necessary in applications such as rope barriers at an airport or train stations.

Finish Brass or Stainless steel

25mm x 25mm

Weight 0.080 - 0.115

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Panic Break Finish Options

Hover over the image for a description. The Barrier rope panic break is supplied in either polished stainless steel or polished brass. Other finishes can be supplied upon request. As well as a panic break in the rope system, we also manufacture a wall clip panic break. The magnets used in the panic break have been tested to ensure that whilst they are strong enough to hold the rope on to the wall, they are not too strong that they can not be opened under pressure.

Polished Stainless Polished Brass  

Purchasing Options

The Barrier Rope Panic Breaks are supplied in your choice of two finish options. Choose your barrier rope panic breaks in either polished chrome or polished brass. The Rope barrier panic break is used simply by connecting the trigger ended traditional barriers into the formed diameter of the part.

Panic Breaks - History

Push or panic break systems go back to the early twentieth century, as the result of a number of serious major fires in places of public entertainment. In 1934, the recommendations of the Home Office in the introduction to its “Manual of Safety Requirements in Theatres and Other Places of Public Entertainment” were based on the lessons from nine disasters at home and abroad. Panic Bars were applied to doors and windows of public places. Our Panic Breaks are specifically designed for use by members of the public who are unfamiliar with a building and who might panic if they suddenly have to evacuate the premises. Panic break products are very effective where large numbers of people are attempting to travel at speed to a fire exit as minimal pressure on the break ensures the rope barrier queue system opens allowing a rapid exit from it.


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