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Naugahyde Barrier Rope

Technical Details

This rope provides a rich leather effect cover over a heavy duty cotton core. Available in five colours the Leather effect (Naugahyde) barrier rope looks and feels like leather but has the durability and easy cleaning properties of vinyl. We would recommend that the Naugahyde barrier rope be used with one of our premium posts. The Advance, the Original or the classico.


Length 1200mm/1500mm/1800mm
Diameter 38mm
Rope End 0.86-0.98kg

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Naugahyde Barrier Rope

  • Provides a rich leather-like cover over heavy duty core.
  • Provides smooth elegant drape between post
  • Easy cleaning properties
  • Come with a hinged snap end which is less prone to breakage than spring types, Snap end also features easy to use trigger which makes opening easy and comfortable
  • Premium 38mm diameter rope

Secure this barrier rope wall clip to a wall and link to another wall clip or a rope barrier post with a barrier rope. Ideal for locations that require permanent barrier positioning or places that have limited space in which to use alternatives such as upright barrier posts. The stylish finish is designed to match our other traditional barrier products in order for you to create a professional and effective queuing system. The wall clips are often seen outside nightclubs with security staff unclasping the barrier rope to allow access to club patrons.


The main use for Naugahyde material is as a substitute for leather in upholstery and furniture. In this application it is very durable and can be easily maintained by wiping with a damp sponge or cloth making it also perfect for barrier ropes. Being a synthetic product, it is supplied in long rolls, allowing large sections of furniture to be covered seamlessly, unlike genuine leather. When you purchase an item known as faux leather, it is normally naugahyde.

Product Features

Thicker Diameter Thicker diameter gives a more elegant look and hangs perfectly. (38mm rather than 24mm). Just the feel of the rope exudes luxury and a class above others.
Avoid accidental release Trigger ends ensure accidental release is avoided.
Solid Trigger Ends Bound and sealed rope ensures that the ends will not fray after time.
Our Finishes A variety of colours and rope ends ensure that the rope will match any ambience.

Rope End Finish Options

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Polished Stainless Satin Stainless Satin Brass Polished Brass  

Purchasing Options

The Leather Barrier Rope is a 38mm diameter rope which is supplied in 1.2metres, 1.5 metres or 1.8 metres lengths. Choose your rope ends in either polish chrome or brass, or satin chrome or brass.


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