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The Gallery Barrier

Date: 13th February 2018, Author: Richard, Category: General.


gallery barrier

ˈgal(ə)ri/ ˈbarɪə

noun: gallery barrier; plural noun: gallery barriers

a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement or access located in a room or building for the display or sale of works of art.



late Middle English (in sense 3): via Old French from Italian galleria ‘gallery’, formerly also ‘church porch’, from medieval Latin galeria, perhaps an alteration of galilea (see galilee).



A simple problem solved. Retractable queue barriers have been the preferred choice for customer guidance for many years now. The simple design of the barrier with it's clean lines and long extension is easy to use, takes little space, and is a perfect physical barrier.


The height of the barriers was initially designed to be over hip height acting as a guide for customers. Difficult to climb over, easy to see and thin enough not to impede on valuable space.


So, why the short, stumpy Gallery Barrier? Well, both Museums and Galleries pointed out that whilst the standard barrier worked adequately in most applications, it did obscure some of the exhibit from a distance if the item being displayed was large enough.


High Street Shopping at the weekend

An exhibit with Gallery barriers


The Birth of the Gallery Barrier

Many new types of barrier were tried including narrower tape, thin barrier rope and even suspended "do not cross the line" signs. In the end, a simple shorter barrier was developed and tested, Not only did it work well for the two industries that demanded it, it also worked well for the automotive sales industry. The advantages over using a shorter rope and post system was that the rope would have to be fairly taught in order to avoid sagging too close to the floor. The barrier system would then become a ripping hazard rather than a control system.


Whilst big flash cars were being displayed in showrooms across the UK using standard queue barriers or barrier rope stands, on a few occasions over eager cliental would knock the standard barriers over causing them to fall on and damage the vehicle on display. A little like buttered bread will always fall face down, queue barriers will always fall toward the object they are protecting.

The Comparison between barriers

The Gallery Barrier in comparison to standard barriers.


It was suggested that gallery barriers replace the standard heigh barriers. The advantages were easily seen. The shorter barrier was not only more difficult to knock over due to its centre of gravity, but if in the unlikely event it did fall over it would not be tall enough to reach the exhibit.


Over the years the gallery barrier has been developed to encompass all the advantages of the Brandline Queue Barrier range including an integrated braking system, anti tamper tape ends and a large range of accessories.


Tip: The Gallery Barriers are not space saving, They are a direct replacement for standard barriers and should be placed around the exhibit the same distance a standard barrier would be.


The fact that they are smaller means that these small queue barriers are lighter and easier to transport from one location to another. Each barrier post comes with a full floor protector, low profile cast iron base and slow retractable brake.


Gallery Barriers



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