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Custom printed belts


Standard retractable barrier belts have over 0.5 square metres of area. This is potentially perfect advertising space as it is positioned in one of the the most visited locations in any public facility, the queue.


In a queue you have a captured audience and you should take full advantage of it. Not only can belts be custom printed, but every element of our barrier can be customised to create bold advertising, safety messages or even to blend the queue barriers in with building decor.  Here at Brandline we use two types of processes for printing on barrier belts.


Option 1: Silk Screening.

Used for simple logos or text in a single colour and is very cost effective. Utilises gloss ink that helps a logo on the barrier belt to "pop".


Option 2: Dye Sublimation

Used for complex or multi coloured designs. Being a digital process almost anything can be printed including photographs and scanable QR codes. The ink is infused (dyed) into the fibers of the barrier belt meaning the print will never wear off.



Upon receiving your order, we will send you a link to upload your artwork files to with instructions and the types of files we will require. (Usually: High resolution JPG, layered PDF or Adobe illustrator - AI) files are fine. If we feel there will be any issues with the print, such as pixellation, we will contact you.



Upon receiving your artwork we will submit a free of charge proof to you. You should carefully review the proof as this will be the final print. any issues you have must be reported and a second proof will be presented.



Once you have approved the print, we will get underway with the production. Your order acknowledgement will advise you of the lead times.


Examples of previously printed belts