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Things you can do when you Queue

OK, so you know you have to queue. We all know or have a good idea when we're going to be faced with a queue.If you're at any UK attraction, there is going to be waiting time. Here at Stretch Barriers we've come up with a list of 10 things you can do while you're waiting. See more here

The New Banner Stakes Range

At last a product that has been made with mobility in mind. The Banner Stakes range has been designed with rapid deployment and durabililty number one on it's key requirements. A trolley to carry five posts and a wallmount that can be attached to almost any surface are the main products within the range. See more here

Cheap Barriers
Cheap queue barriers could be high quality too!

It's generally thought that if a retractable barrier is under a certain price, it must be low quality. Not the case. We reduce our barriers if we have an over run on a specific paint colour, or if we improve the model and wish to sell the older obsolete stock. The barriers we sell still have all the advantages of the Brandline brand, they are just a lot cheaper! read more..

Stackable Barriers Base
Why select the stackable stretch barrier?

Stretch barriers are great. However, all the time your queues are small and manageable Stretch Barriers are not required. Where are they stored? If you are using stretch barriers to cordon off spillages and you have a dry period, where are they stored? If you are a shopping centre that, like most centres have an emergency supply of stretch barriers, where are they stored? read more.....

The Gallery Barrier
The Gallery Stretch Barrier

Why on earth would you purchase a barrier system that's almost half the height of normal barriers and almost the same cost? The Gallery Barrier is small in stature but a giant in its field. Chosen by many museums and exhibitions through the UK, the gallery barrier provides customer guidance whilst not visually obscuring the exhibit or displayed items. read more.....

Barrier History
The history of the Queue Barrier in retail.

In the past retractable queue barriers have been seen as a painful investment for many companies. The good old British public should be able to form an orderly queue without having to shepherd them into aisles. Many shops considered the match already won. If the client wanted his or her basket so much, then he or she should be prepared to wait for them. Queuing was seen as a necessary evil when shopping in any high street. The hidden fact that some customers would sometimes dump their baskets and find another retailer that wasn't so busy was not too much of a problem for the retailer. The British retailer was king. read more.....


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