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The Banner Stakes Trolley Kits

Yellow Trolley

Barrier Trolley Kits

Portable trolley is made of industrial strength rust proof metal. Allows for quick application of up to 23 metres of barrier system. Available in three Colours.
Belt Length 23.00 metres
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Orange Trolley

Barrier Trolley Kits Orange

The telescopic barriers with the trolley can be supplied with free standing bases or stakes. Perfect for site safet, a range of printed messages too.
Belt Length 23.00 metres
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Red Trolley

Barrier Trolley Kits Red

A replacement tray which simply fixes to your trolley allowing cleaning equipment or accessories to be carried with the retractable posts. Can hold up to 14 kg.
Belt Length 23.00 metres
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Details and Specifications

A Mobile Trolley Barriers System is a safe and easy way to move bases barriers to new areas of the job site from Banner Stakes

Site safety and hazard communication barriers have become standard (and necessary) equipment for many different venues. The uses for these types of systems are numerous.


Banner Stakes Safety & Hazard Communication Barrier Trolleys

Banner Stakes is an effective, reusable and portable barricade system that provides unique safety benefits not found in conventional barrier systems.  The Plus Line products we offer are the classic “rope and post stanchions” and are extremely easy to set up and move and provide highly visible and effective traffic management. The portability of our products is another reason for their popularity. the range has trolleys, lights, wall mounted barriers and retractable barriers.

There is a wide array of uses for Banner Stakes.  Some of the other ways you would want a Plus Line system are these:

  • Manufacturing:
    A convenient system for blocking off different areas in large manufacturing plants. Brightly coloured tape and bases help keep workers safe and free of restricted areas.
  • Janitorial and Sanitation:
    Security barriers are a needed help for janitorial staff. Having an easy to set up barrier to block rooms, areas, or buildings being cleaned is a help to the staff and the customers that can clearly see what is blocked and being cleaned.
  • Healthcare:
    Lines in emergency rooms, x-ray departments and cafeterias in hospitals are just a few of the reasons that hospitals need Banner Stakes.
  • Safety:
    In a public place of business such as “big box” stores or public warehouses, a security barrier system is essential for blocking aisles while forklifts or other machinery is being used. The speed which Banner Stakes can be set up and taken down means happier customers having access to all areas of the store in record time.
  • Crowd Control:
    At events where space is limited, it is crucial to present orderly entrance queue lines. Banner Stakes will always be the best at handling these situations based off our never-ending quest to develop and provide the most innovative and adaptable barrier systems in the world.


The Banner Stakes Plus trolleys consists of one industrial-strength trolley with foot-lock brakes that holds 5 banner heads, 5 stanchions and 5 bases. Each banner head has a 15 foot, 2.5 inch wide belt that can be customized with any wording of your choice.

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Technical Details

  • Industrial-strength cart with foot-lock brakes holds 5 banner heads, 5 stanchion, & 5 bases
  • Stanchion has removable spike for dual purpose use—in soft ground surfaces with spike or in base by removing spike
  • Stanchion secures into base and spike with twist-lock system
  • Low-profile base with carry handle—fillable with water or sand
  • Banner Heads secure onto stanchion with push pins for added stability and security
  • 15’ Retractable belts with interchangeable messages
  • Retractable belt is 2.5” wide
  • Largest selection of in-stock messages for various applications
  • Telescoping stanchion extends up to 42”
  • Colours: OSHA Compliant Yellow, Red, & Orange
  • Products can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Opportunity to customize messages, colours and add company branding