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The Wall Mount Plus | Banner Stakes


Wall Mount Plus


The Wall Mount Plus utilises the head unit from the Plus barrier system with a wall collar and wall clip . The collar and wall clip are also available as a separate item to enable you to convert any barriers to wall mounts.


• PLUS Wall Mount System Includes:
(1) PLUS Wall Mount Kit
(1) PLUS Banner Head


Height: 560mm to 1066mm
Weight: 3.13 Kgs to 10.40 Kg
Belt Width: 64mm
Belt Length: 4.6m

The Wall Mount Plus | Banner Stakes

The Wall Mount Plus series provides more flexibility than most barrier systems on the market. The Barrier plus posts are supplied with a head unit which simply attaches to the post, The barrier plus head unit can also be utilised, when the posts are not being used, for wall mounted applications. Simply attach the wall mount plus collar to the surface you require the wall mount to be located, and then insert the head unit. A retractable steel button provides a secure connection.


The wall mounted unit provides 4.6 metres of webbing printed using a bespoke message of your choice or one of the pre-printed messages shown below. The head rotates 180 degrees when angles may be required.


The Wall mount plus can be purchased as an etire kit including the wall mount barrier, the collar and the wall clip. Several accessories such as the magnetic convertor and the waring light system can also be sourced.


Pre-Printed Messages



We do hold pre-printed messages in stock. The colour coding we use is sourced from the Health and Safety regulations from 1996.


They are defined as follows:


Red - Prohibition/Danger alarm

Yellow or Orange - Warning


Our posts and printed messages follow this rule. Shown on the left are the standard messages available for each colour. However, if you require a bespoke message please call the Sales department on the number below.

Wall Mount Kit

Wall Mount Collar

What's Included


• PLUS Wall Mount System Includes:
(1) PLUS Wall Mount Kit including wall clip and wall collars.

The Wall Mount Kit - Clip and Collar

Wall Clip The Wall Mount Kit includes a Wall mount collar and a wall clip as shown. Place this kit in various places around your warehouse to use the Plus Wall Mount as and when you need it.



Video - Plus Barrier



Our wall mounts are designed especially to provide flexibility and freedom when you are setting up your barricade systems, allowing you to set them up in places that are difficult to reach with more traditional systems.


As the most portable option, wall mounts offer both versatility and convenience when diverting traffic in construction and manufacturing areas, even areas with limited floor space such as hallways, aisles, and rest-rooms.


Plus wall Mount Kit