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Banner Stakes Single Kit

Single Kit

Single Barrier Specifications

  • Belt Barrier Receiver
  • Post Color Yellow, Red or Orange
  • Base Type Fillable Plastic Base Dia. 406.40mm
  • Base Height 120mm
  • Base Material Plastic
  • Post Material Plastic
  • Post Dia. 48mm
  • Includes 1 SET
    • PLUS Barrier Set (single) Includes:
    (1) PLUS Banner head or
    (1) PLUS Receiver Head
    (1) PLUS Base or Spike
    (1) PLUS Stanchion


Height: 560mm to 1066mm
Weight: 3.13 Kgs to 10.40 Kg
Belt Width: 64mm
Belt Length: 4.6m





Pre-Printed Messages


  • Banner Head: 4.6 metres removable/interchangeable retractable belt
  • Belt is 64mm wide and made of polyester woven fabric (red, orange, yellow, black)
  • Heads secure onto stanchion with push pins for added stability and security
  • Largest selection of in-stock messages for various applications
  • Opportunity to customise messages, colours and add company branding
  • Post has twist-off removable spike for dual purpose use – in soft ground surfaces with spike or in Base by removing spike
  • Stanchion with telescoping stake: extends 560mm to 1066mm
  • Stanchions available in red, orange, yellow
  • Low-profile Base for enhanced image (black)
  • Base can be filled up to 18lbs with water or 30lbs with sand
  • Base includes carry handle for easy portability
  • Opportunity to customise stanchion color and add company branding
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Rust-Proof

Banners Stakes Barriers

Video - Plus Barrier




Barrier Heads provide clear messages which eliminate confusion and enhance safety of public, pedestrians, employees, construction workers, motorists.


Barrier Heads are reusable. OSHA compliant. Lowers risk of accidents, injury and liability. Provides high visibility under all weather conditions.


Ideal for short term needs, a lightweight, colourful alternative to steel barriers, easy to move and set up.


The Banner Stakes Spiked barriers can be supplied with an accessory bag which will accodomate 10 Posts including spikes and head units. Keep all the barriers in one place with the bag.


The Single Plus Barrier Kit is part of a range from Banner Stakes. Communicative retractable barriers which can provide clear identification. This can lead to an increase in productivity and health and safety at your premises. Banner Stakes is a leader of Safety products which provide both high visibility and adherence to regulations.

There are two main product ranges. Plus Line is a range of protective retractable barriers which are durable, visually stunning and very flexible. The Plus Line incorporates trolleys which are available in three colours and flexible Plus Line wall mounts will can even be illuminated. The second range are another type of wall mounted barriers which have been constructed for all surfaces. from Glass to Stainless steel, the suction cups are the strongest available. For metal the patented magnet application.

Other Products in the Banner Stakes Range


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There are many more products within the Banner Stakes Range. These include

  • Trolleys
  • Wall Mount Kits
  • Sets of Barriers
  • Twin Kits
  • Multi Surface Wall Mounts
  • Accessories.

Select an image or go to the menu at the top of the screen to see the full range of stretch barriers from Brandline. All barriers, ropes and other accessories are supplied with a no quibble money back gaurantee.