Banner Stakes Plus Accessories

Sign Holder

Sign Holder for Plus Barriers

The PLUS Line Accessories

System Sign Bracket


Includes (1) Sign Holder and (1) Bracket Attachment (PLUS Banner Head sold separately)


  • Attaches to the top of PLUS Banner Head to enhance marketing visibility and safety communication
  • Holds A4 acrylic sign
  • Part #PL4130



Lighting Kit

PLUS Barrier System Light Kit

  • Includes (1) Red LED Strobe/Solid light and (1) Bracket Attachment (PLUS Banner Head sold separately)
  • Light Kit attaches to the top of the PLUS Banner Head to increase visibility of safety barrier
  • Part #PL4140

Plus Accessories

Magnetic Attachment

Magnetic Attachment
PLUS Banner Head

  • Includes (1) Magnetic Attachment
  • Connect the Magnetic Attachment to the PLUS Banner Head in order to make the ribbon end magnetic
  • Allows user to quickly connect the retractable belt to any magnetic/metal surface Enables user to Set-up barrier around any safety hazard and connect the receiving end to a metal pole, work truck, job box, warehouse racks, machines, etc.
  • Part #PL4190

Video - Plus Barrier



Our wall mounts are designed especially to provide flexibility and freedom when you are setting up your barricade systems, allowing you to set them up in places that are difficult to reach with more traditional systems.


As the most portable option, wall mounts offer both versatility and convenience when diverting traffic in construction and manufacturing areas, even areas with limited floor space such as hallways, aisles, and restrooms.


Plus wall Mount Kit


The Accessories for the banner stakes plus retractable barriers are part of a huge range from Banner Stakes. Communicative retractable barriers which can provide clear information and identification. This can lead to an increase in productivity and improve health and safety within your premises. Banner Stakes are a leading supplier of Health and Safety products which provide both high visibility and adherence to regulations.

The accessories that we offer for the Retractable Barrier Plus range are listed below:


The Sign holder provides a little extra information to staff and visitors. It accepts A4, and A3 messages. Simply clip the sign holder to the barrier head at the top of the post and slide in your informative sign.

The Light Kit which can also be attached to the retractable barrier head simply clips on and can be activated in extreme cases. The Kit contains the following: 1 x Red LED Strobe/Solid light and 1 x Bracket Attachment. A simple, easy to install solution from Banner Stakes.

Magnetic Attachment - The magnetic attachment converts the tape end of the Plus Barrier System. This allows you to attach the barrier tape to any machinery or, with the help of the steel wall clip, other non-magnetic surfaces allowing a panic break for applicable scenarios

Each of these attachments can be held in storage for a "just in case" occasion.


Regarding the Banner Stakes range itself, there are two main categories. The Plus Line is a range of protective retractable barriers which are durable, visually stunning and very, very flexible. The Plus Line incorporates trolleys which are available in three colours and flexible Plus Line wall mounts will can even be illuminated. The second range are another type of wall mounted barriers which have been constructed for all surfaces. from Glass to Stainless steel, the suction cups are the strongest available. For metal the patented magnet application. Applications where the five kit of retractable barriers are used is Hospitals, grounds workers, gardeners, factories and even emergency services. Each barrier is supplied with a braking system.

The Banner Stakes range is the preferred retractable range when it comes to health and safety requirements. Their flexibility is second to none and there durability will see you barrier system lasting longer then any other. The tape is wider and the messages clearer than before. Mobility is not a problem if you choose the Banner Stakes Trolley. Very few telescopic barriers offer this.

Watch the video below for an overall view of the twin kit barriers by Banners Stakes.