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Mobile Barrier Trolley


Orange Mobile Barrier System

PLUS Line Cart Packages Specifications

  • Cart Dimensions: 590L x 419W x 1066H (mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 30.00 Kg.
  • Cart Material: Steel and Plastic
  • Cart is made of industrial strength steel
  • Allows for quick application of up to 23 metres of barrier system.
  • Foot lock brake prevents motion when cart is left unattended.
  • Industrial wheels for easy maneuverability on all types of surfaces.
  • Cart holds 5 adjustable height stanchions with removable spike.
  • Cart holds 5 low-profile black bases.
  • Cart holds¬† five 4.6M retractable belts with push-pin lock system.
  • Velcro tie downs keep Bases firmly in place so they cannot fall or tip with movement.
  • Foam handle for comfort.
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Rust-proof.
  • Conforms to Health & Safety Regs 1996.


Height: 1066mm
Weight: 30.0 Kgs
Belt Width: 64mm
Belt Length: 4.6m x 5





Pre-Printed Messages



The colour coding we use is sourced from the Health and Safety regulations from 1996.


They are difined as follows:


Red - Prohibition/Danger alarm Dangerous behaviour; stop; shutdown; emergency cut-out devices; evacuate
Yellow or Orange - Warning Be careful; take precautions; examine


Our posts and printed messages follow this rule. Shown on the left and below are the standard messages available for each colour.


If you require a bespoke message please call the Sales department on the number below.


Barriers Held on the trolley

Video - Barrier Trolley




Barrier Heads provide clear messages which eliminate confusion and enhance safety of public, pedestrians, employees, construction workers, motorists.


Barrier Heads are reusable. OSHA compliant. Lowers risk of accidents, injury and liability. Provides high visibility under all weather conditions.


Ideal for short term needs, a lightweight, colourful alternative to steel barriers, easy to move and set up.


Further Details and Specifications

A Mobile Trolley System is a easy and safe way to move retractable barriers to new areas around the job site.

Safety communication barriers have become a neccessity for all. The users of this equipment vary greatly.

There is a wide array of uses for the Trolleys from Banner Stakes. 

  • Healthcare:
    Large or unexpected lines in emergency rooms, and cafeterias in hospitals.
  • Manufacturing:
    An emergency system for cordoning off areas in large manufacturing plants. Bases and brightly coloured belts help keep staff safe from danger and restricted areas.
  • Janitorial and Sanitation:
    Retractable barriers are needed to help janitorial staff. Having an immediate barrier system to block areas, or buildings that are being cleaned is a help to the staff and the customers that can clearly see what has been restricted.
  • Safety:
    In a public place of business such as supermarkets or warehouses, a retractable barrier system is essential for restricting aisles while machinery and forklifts are being used. The rapid deployment means happier customers having access to all areas of the store in record time.
  • Crowd Control:
    At events where space is limited, it is crucial to present orderly entrance queue lines. Banner Stakes will always be the best at handling these situations based off our never-ending quest to develop and provide the most innovative and adaptable barrier systems in the world.
  • Marketing
    Easily communicate your messages with our bespoke printing facility.


The Banner Stakes Plus trolleys consists of one industrial-strength trolley with foot-lock brakes that holds 5 banner heads, 5 stanchions and 5 bases. Each barrier head has a 4.6 metre, 64mm wide tape that can be printed with any message of your choice.