Banner Stakes Warning Light and Connector

Warning Light

Warning Light


Need even more visibility? The warning light simply fixes by cliiping on to the top of the wall mounted barrier and can be set to continuous or strobe for extra awareness when the area is in use.


Includes (1) Red LED Strobe/Solid light and (1) Bracket Attachment

  • Kit available for 9.1 metre (30’) and 2.3 metre (7’) Magnetic Wall Mount Barriers
  • Attaches to the top of the Barrier to increase visibility of safety barrier
  • 9.1 metre (30') Light Kit Part #MH5120
  • 2.3 Metre (7') Light Kit Part #MH7120


Wall Mount with Warning Light






This connector gives you the option to connect the wall mount to a plus barrier system. clip the wall mount into place, and with the use of the connector, simply fix it to the plus barrier system. this can convert your plus system to a magnetic starting barrier system.


  • Includes (1) Connector
  • Allows you to use a Magnetic Wall Mount Barrier with a PLUS Banner Head
  • Available for 30’ and 7’ Magnetic Wall Mount Barriers
  • Opens up ability to start your barrier on a magnetic surface (attach from wall to stanchion) and extend to a stanchion
  • Added portability and temporary use
  • Material: Plastic with Steel screws
  • 9 meter (30 feet) Connector Part #MH5110
  • 2.3 Metre (7 feet) Connector Part #MH7110

Video - Plus Barrier



Our wall mounts are designed especially to provide flexibility and freedom when you are setting up your barricade systems, allowing you to set them up in places that are difficult to reach with more traditional systems.


As the most portable option, wall mounts offer both versatility and convenience when diverting traffic in construction and manufacturing areas, even areas with limited floor space such as hallways, aisles, and restrooms.



Magnetic Wall Mounts

The magnetic wall mounts remain a firm favourite for many health and safety concious facilities and venues. The wall mount barriers secure to more surfaces than any other barrier on the market with the use of its powerful magnets or its integrated suction cups. The magnetic Wall Mount Barrier allows for quick closure of docking doors, elevators, escalators, bathrooms, aisles and wider aisles. Designed to be surface mounted when floor space is limited the wall mount attaches to magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces including metal, stainless steel, wood and even glass.


The unique design offers storage for the suction cups on the top and the bottom of each unit when they are not in use. This allows easy portability in any tool bag. The magnetic wall mounted barriers are available in 2.3 metres (7') or 9.1 metres (30') and come in a variety of colours and messages. Custom or bespoke messages and images are also available.


The magnetic wall mounts from Banner Stakes will reduce liability and risk, whilst allowing any company to stay within compliance with legislation and therefore increase productivity. Protect yourself and your work place with Banner Stakes.