Accessory Tray | Banner Stakes Trolley

Accessory Tray


PLUS Cart Accessory Tray Features:

  • Perfect for storing additional Banner Heads and accessories
  • Holds up to 30lbs
  • Custom made to fit on the Banner Stakes PLUS Barrier System Cart
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Includes cup holder
  • Rust-proof

 The Cart Tray efficiently transports a wide variety of work-related materials (ie: small tools, jan/san products, etc) and provides convenient storage to improve organization.


Height: Per Trolley
Weight: Max 14 Kg





The Trolley and tray The Accessory Tray

Video - Plus Barrier


H & S Facts

  • Each year around 80,000 construction workers in GB suffer from an illness they believe was caused or made worse by their work.
  • Around 40% of these cases were new conditions, which started during the year, while the remainder were long-standing conditions. Of these 80,000 cases:
  • 52,000 were cases of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), of which just under a third were new conditions;
  • 12,000 were cases of stress, depression or anxiety, of which around 60% were new conditions;
  • 16,000 were cases of other illness (such as skin or respiratory conditions). Or by the different divisions of construction:
  • 26,000 (32%) were to workers in Construction of buildings
  • 47,000 (59%) were to workers in Specialised construction activities; and
  • 7,000 (9%) were to workers in Civil engineering



A range from Banner Stakes. Communicative retractable barriers which can provide clear identification. This can lead to an increase in productivity and health and safety at your premises. Banner Stakes is a leader of Safety products which provide both high visibility and adherence to regulations.

There are two main product ranges. Plus Line is a range of protective retractable barriers which are durable, visually stunning and very flexible. The Plus Line incorporates trolleys which are available in three colours and flexible Plus Line wall mounts will can even be illuminated. The second range are another type of wall mounted barriers which have been constructed for all surfaces. from Glass to Stainless steel, the suction cups are the strongest available. For metal the patented magnet application.


There are many uses for Banner Stakes Trolleys. Listed below are just a few of them. 


The Banner Stakes Plus Cart System consists of one industrial-strength cart with foot-lock brakes that holds 5 banner heads, 5 stanchions and 5 bases. Each banner head has a 4600mm long, 64mm wide belt that can be printed with any wording of your choice.