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Advance Rope Barrier

Advance Rope Barrier


Technical Details

A premium rope barrier from Brandline Products which incorporates marine grade stainless steel with a galvanised cast iron base weight and four way rings. Easily converted into a cafe barrier post, the Advance post is one of the most durable rope barriers that we manufacture. This rope post can be customised using a variation of paint colours or even post wraps.


Height: 980mm
Direction Four Way
Weight: 14kg
Post Diameter: 50mm
Base Diameter:: 340mm


This Advance rope barrier has a base that is tapered or conical complying with the 2010 equality act. The post has been tested against corrosion to ASTM B117 salt spray.


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Product Features

Base Protector This rope barrier incorporates a solid 14 kg cast iron base weight which is conically shaped to enable wheel chair users access and therefore is equality act aware.
Base Profile The rope ends are supplied in several colours and types of material. Stainless Steel or Brass ends will match the rope barrier of your choice.
A Machined ring A tough machined ring will stand up to rigorous banners. Unlike pressed rings which bend and brake after a short while, the Advance rope barrier has a hard wearing machine ring which will last the lifetime of the post.
Many Post finishes Polished or satin finish. The finishes we apply to the advance rope barrier can be in polished or satin finish. Select your preferred finish when you select your product.

Post Options

Hover over the image for a description. In order:Polished Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Bronze, Silver Vein, Gold Vein, and finally copper vein.

Polished Stainless Satin Stainless Satin Brass Polished Brass Bronze silver vein gold vein copper vein    


Our preferred method of payment is pay pal is it provides all round protection to all parties. However we do also accept bank transfers. Call the office and we will be happy to provide bank details.


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Purchasing Options

The most popular premium post within our range. The Advance premium rope barrier is compatible with any barrier rope within our range and will provide a modern looking post and rope system. This barrier gives a contemporary look to any system.


Post Wrapping

Using the latest technology, Brandline Products can wrap the Advance rope barrier in a UV stable vinyl print of your choice. The new Post wrapping process allows additional colours and shapes as well as logos and extra branding to be applied to any premium rope barrier. Stay in touch with a social media subscription to find out more new products and information.

Marble Finish Leaf Post Animal effect Lager Post Brandling