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Traditional Sphere

The Traditonal Sphere Post

Technical Details

The Traditional Sphere rope barrier is another very popular product when it comes to hospitality and event management. Supplied in either Stainless Steel or Polished Brass, the Traditional Sphere Post is seen as a high class, high quality, low cost barrier. Suitable for twisted, nylon, or velour rope the sphere top brings the classic look into your queue system.


Height: 990mm
Weight: 10kg
Post Diameter: 50mm
Base Diameter:: 355mm

The base has a factory fitted full circumference floor protector designed to last the life of the post. 

Call the office for further information on customisation.

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Product Features

All round protection The base has been designed with a full circumference floor protector. The floor protector is manufactured in a neoprene rubber which is a long lasting,ant-scuff material which is designed to last the lifetime of the post.
Low Profile Base A low profile base shape allows wheel chair users access and therefore conforms to the 2010 equality act. The base cover is 355mm in diameter.
Forged top ring A tough forged ring will stand up to rigorous banners. Unlike pressed rings the forged loop has smooth edges and will not dent or show deformation after time.
Several finishes Polished or satin finish. You can select either polished or satin finishes on you posts. The satin finish provides an anti-glare solution conforming to council regulations for external products. A low maintenance solution that will only require cleaning infrequently.

Post Options

Hover over the image for a description. If you are using a mobile device: From left Polished Stainless steel, Satin Stainless, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Bronze, Vein in Silver, Copper, and Gold.

Polished Stainless Satin Stainless Satin Brass Polished Brass Bronze silver vein gold vein copper vein    

Purchasing Options

The traditional sphere post is supplied fully assembled. To save on shipping, we can, at your request, send the post in a "flat pack" condition which would mean that you can fit the base yourself. We will supply any tools that are necessary to help assist you in this. Each post takes around 2 minutes to assemble. Any barrier rope is supplied fully assembled. If you would like to receive you posts in a flat pack condition, please call the office on the number below.



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