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Nylon Barrier Rope

Our Nylon Rope is available in five colours

Technical Details

The nylon barrier rope (polypropylene) is very strong, lightweight, UV resistant and can be stored wet making this rope ideal for outdoor use (Note: rope ends and rope stanchions must be specific for outside use).

Length 1200mm/1500mm/2000mm
Diameter 25mm
Rope End 0.66 - 0.78kg


We have five colours Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, and gold and three standard lengths 1.2mm, 1.5m & 2.0m but can cut these to any custom length. The ropes are fitted with high quality metal snap ends available in a variety of finish options


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Product Features

Nylon Rope A heavier twist ensures that the rope hangs better. The weight of the rope usually dictates the smooth sag between posts. When you order your length of rope, we will supply the rope including the sage requirement. i.e. if you order a 2.0 metres length we will supply just over 2.15 metres.
Trigger Ends Trigger ends ensure accidental release is avoided. We will supply the rope ends in a trigger system which ensures accidental release is avoided. The trigger of the rope end is spring loaded and manufactured in stainless steel ensuring durabililty and longevity.
Rope Tethered Bound and sealed rope ensures that the ends will not fray after time. A major problem with the rope barrier system is that after a while the barrier rope will become loose and the rope then tends to untwist, come apart and start fraying. However, the process we use is to cut the rope with a heat knife to seal the ends and then to wrap the rope in a heavy duty wire prior to placing the rope ends on to it. This ensures that the rope will not untwist.
Post Finishes A variety of colours and rope ends ensure that the rope will match any ambience.

Rope End Finish Options

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Polished Stainless rope end Satin Stainless Rope End Satin Brass rope End Polished Brass Rope End  

Purchasing Options

The Nylon Barrier Rope is a 25mm diameter rope which is supplied in 1.2metres, 1.5 metres or 2.0 metres lengths. Choose your rope ends in either polished chrome or brass, or satin chrome or brass. This rope can be used outside and has five colours to choose from.


There are several ways to pay for your nylon rope barriers. We accept, through paypal, all major credit cards. Our preferred method of payment is paypal is it provides all round protection.


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You can also pay using a bank transfer.


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